Terms and Conditions

LAX LINQ terms and conditions

THE LYNX LLC. Which is doing business as LAX LINQ is the (owner and/or operator of the vans that are branded the same). For the remainder of the document the word “LAX LINQ” or “LINQ” will be used to represent the company, the owners, and the operators.

LINQ is not responsible for direct and/or consequential damages, including but not limited to loss of flight, or any other bookings as a result of delays caused by events, we cannot control, including but not limited to acts of God, perils of ground, weather conditions, or acts of public authorities with actual or apparent authority. THE ISSUING CARRIER WILL ONLY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORTATION ITS OWN LINES, in accordance with tariff regulations and limitations, and ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY ACTS OR OMISSIONS OF OTHERS OCCURRING WITHIN OR OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES, except as imposed by law with respect to baggage. Seating aboard vehicles operated interstate or foreign commerce is without regard to race, color, creed, or national origin. Every person holding a ticket sold by LAX LINQ needs to arrive 15 minutes before departure to be able to check-in.


LAX LINQ operates as a scheduled bus – we work around a schedule and fixed pickup location. The van leaves at the scheduled time in order to get passengers to the airport and from the airport in a timely manner.

When booking a ticket it is the passenger’s responsibility to plan the trip in order to get to the airport with enough time to get on the airplane, considering all airport traffic and boarding requirements.

When booking a return trip from Los Angeles Airport, it is a passenger’s responsibility to allow enough time for customs, luggage, and locating the pickup zone. If the passenger won’t allow enough time and won’t be present at the pickup location. at the scheduled departure time, the shuttle will leave and no refund will be issued. This is the passenger’s responsibility to plan the trip according to the airport traffic and the bus won’t be able to wait. LAX LINQ operates around many different airlines and strict airport regulations, therefore there is no room for any special adjustments.

As a courtesy, if a flight is delayed, LAX LINQ can offer a seat on the next available shuttle (if seats are still available) on the same day or the following day that the shuttle is scheduled.

In an effort to relieve airport congestion, the LAX airport has a very strict policy regarding the time allotted for picking up and dropping off passengers. The LAX requires “active loading or unloading” and allows each passenger transportation company less than 2 minutes to complete this task. If the LAX LINQ  drives do not abide by this agreement, the company can be fined and our license can be revoked. Due to these strong regulations, the customers of LAX LINQ need to make sure to be at the pickup location 10 min before the itinerary in order to avoid missing the LAX LINQ  van departure. Please, consider these things before finalizing your travel plans and allow yourself time to use the restroom/ buy a coffee before you need to be at the pickup curb 10 min before departure.

Pickup in San Diego is located right next to the Old Town Transit Center at 2728 Congress Street, San Diego, CA 92110, as described in detail on the operator’s website at https://laxlinq.com/san-diego-passenger-pickup/ Please be at the pickup location 10 min before scheduled departure to ensure smooth embarking.  LAX LINQ offers another pickup location in Oceanside at 121 N Cleveland St, Oceanside, CA 92054, described at https://laxlinq.com/oceanside-to-lax-shuttle/.

No other pickups/ home pickups/ drop-offs besides these 2 locations are passengers should expect to leave the vehicle soon after arriving at the listed pickup/drop-off locations.



The tickets purchased from LAX LINQ are non-transferable. LAX LINQ allows cancellation up to 48 hours before the scheduled departure time with an 85% refund. Our company doesn’t offer credits for future travel. By purchasing a ticket, the passenger accepts all the Terms and Conditions of The Lynx LLC (DBA LAX LINQ). If a passenger’s plans change or if a passenger doesn’t allow enough time between the flight’s departure/arrival and shuttle trip and it is not present at the pickup location during the scheduled departure time, no refund will be issued.


You can reschedule the date and/or the time of your ticket at no cost up to 48 hours before the departure. No cancellations are allowed after modification and no more than 2 modifications per ticket will be accepted. No rescheduling and cancellation afterward. Our company doesn’t offer credits for future travel.


LAX LINQ buses are independently operated by The Lynx LLC under permission from Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA). LAX LINQ will not be liable for delays caused by accidents, breakdowns, bad conditions of the roads, or other causes beyond its control, and it does not guarantee arrival at or departure from any point at a special time.

If an Act of God, public enemies, authority of law, quarantine, perils of navigation, riots, strokes, the hazards of dangers incident to a state of war, accidents, breakdowns, bad conditions of the road, snow storms, and other conditions beyond this carrier’s control make it, in the opinion of the carrier inadvisable to operate equipment (buses or other vehicles) either from the place of origin or any point en route, the carrier shall not be liable therefor, or because to be held for damages for any reason whatsoever.

The schedule is subject to change. We may change the schedule up to 1 week before the trip due to unforeseen circumstances.

By purchasing a ticket on this website, you permit LAX LINQ to contact you on travel updates via email and/or SMS directly to the contact information you provide at the time of your purchase.



We reserve the right to change the schedule up to one week in advance due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, road work plans, airport regulations, natural disasters, labor shortages, company reorganization, etc. Under no conditions will smoking be allowed on board the vehicles and no smoking stops will be made on any given run. No weapons of any sort, alcoholic beverages, or narcotics (including Cannabis sativa) are allowed while traveling with LAX LINQ.


Pets are not allowed in LAX LINQ vans. Dogs, cats, birds, or other animals will not be carried except as provided herein below:

A dog train for the purpose of accompanying a blind person (paying full care) not accompanied by a seeing attendant, will be carried free of charge. Such a dog must be properly harnessed and muzzled and must lie or stand at the feet of the blind person.

By purchasing the ticket you agree to our Terms and Conditions and are welcome onboard. Thanks for choosing LAX LNQ.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. If a passenger causes, has caused problems, or disrespected vehicles or crew members we won’t agree to offer the service again in the future. This is a privately owned company and we take care of our employees and all the assets we own, therefore no abuse will be allowed.


The ticket includes one carry-on bag and one check-in suitcase. If extra luggage or stroller is needed it needs to be announced during booking. The extra bag/ stroller/ ski/ snowboard/ golf bag fee is $15 and needs to be paid before the trip. The surfboard fee is $30 and the bicycle box is $45 fee.

Paying the fee is a requirement to be able to bring any additional luggage or items listed above (sports equipment, stroller etc,) if the fee won’t be paid the operator may not be able to accommodate the additional luggage and may refuse to take it onboard. 

If traveling with a surfboard – we are not responsible for any damage that occurred during transportation inside or on the rack on the top of the vehicle.

LAX LINQ expressly disclaims liability for any lost or damaged baggage and for any injuries caused by or resulting from shifting baggage. Passengers should keep important baggage, including any personal belongings, in their possession at all times. LAX LINQ does not check bags and does not assume any responsibility for the safe and secure transport of bags over its routes. Baggage must comply with LAX LINQ baggage allowances and restrictions. Certain articles are not accepted for carriage such as weapons of any sort, drugs, alcohol, food, and beverages.

Passengers are responsible for properly tagging and identifying their baggage, including name and address. Passengers wishing to stow luggage in the rear of the vehicle do so at their own risk and may only place bags with an LAX LINQ staff member present. Passengers are responsible for picking up their baggage promptly upon arrival and for transferring as applicable. Passengers requiring special assistance with their baggage should speak with an LAX LINQ employee to make necessary arrangements. Any passenger checking baggage hereby agrees:

NO claim to exceed $100 for all baggage associated to one ticket and no more than $50.00 on one-half fare ticket shall be made against the issuing LAX LINQ; nor loss or damage to property covered by this and/or other baggage carried for the same passenger.

A claim for damage or loss must be supported by a passenger’s transportation ticket purchased and used.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL, NO REFUNDS APPLY. LAX LINQ buses are independently operated by The Lynx LLC under permission from Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and California Public Utility Commission (CPUC: TCP/PSC 40772).

LAX LINQ is not affiliated with the LAWA, its affiliates, or its subsidiaries. LAWA will not be liable for any use of LAX LINQ or any transaction between passengers and LAX LINQ, its affiliates, contractors, or agents.

LAX LINQ and its service providers are not liable for information that is inaccurate due to technical defects in software used on our websites, whether induced by their respective systems or by software provided by third parties.