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LAX LINQ is a scheduled bus company. We offer an affordable service, to and from LAX Airport. In order to be able to stay at low-cost we offer 2 centrally located pickup locations: San Diego Old Town and Oceanside, CA. The single-passenger fare is $59 and round-trip is $110. Our bus runs 2 to 4 times a day (depending on the season and a specific day of the week). To see the schedule for your specific day please go to our ticket booking system and it will show all the most updated options.

We did tons of research to see what is the busiest time at the LA Airport and we chose the most convenient times for as many airlines as we could, however, we are not working with a specific airline company. We are simply a small and locally owned business therefore please don't expect that our schedule will work for every airline. We are planning on adding more routes depending on the demand therefore keep checking our offer because it will keep on growing. 

our story

the San Diego to LA Airport shuttle, why we do what we do

We are a small passenger transportation company that offers low-cost and direct shuttle bus from San Diego to LAX Airport and back.

The history of our company is quite simple. Both of the founders, Adam and Matt, were lucky enough to marry foreign women a couple of years back. This caused them to travel internationally frequently, more than ever before. Both families quickly discovered that flying out of LAX International Airport was more affordable and time-effective than flying out of San Diego Airport. They were able to save $500-$800 per ticket by using LA Airport.

However, like every person living in San Diego, they quickly realized how challenging and expensive is to get from San Diego to LAX. Adam’s wife, Zuzanna, is from Poland. She travels from LAX back to Poland 3 to 4 times a year. Therefore, during all of her trips, she tried many different options of commuting between San Diego and LAX, and none of them was good. Shared rides apps aren’t reliable and cost-effective, buses and trains go only to Union Station instead of LAX, and airport parking is extremely expensive.

All of us were regularly surprised that there wasn’t a better method of traveling to and from LAX Airport. We all witnessed our friends and family struggling with the same obstacle and we decided to help everyone who faces the same problem. The idea to create a direct shuttle bus between San Diego and LAX was born in 2021. From this, LAX LINQ was formed.

We hope that you will find our service useful and comfortable. We are proud to offer an affordable and high-quality shuttle bus from the San Diego Old Town to LAX Airport and back. We hope to help all of the San Diego community to travel hassle-free and enjoy their trips more than ever before.

We hope to see you onboard. Thank you for considering our service.

the cool bunch


Do you want to take San Diego to LA Airport shuttle with the best team ever? This are the people that makes the LAX LINQ unique and great. The folks, who take care of everything, making sure that each trip is smooth and stress-free. Meet the members of LAX LINQ family.

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    Some people says that Zuza is like an engine of LAX LINQ locomotive. She loves snacks and movies. If you are lucky you will hear her cute accent while calling LAX LINQ customer support.

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    Adam is a hot cowboy from Texas and die-hard fan of Dallas Cowboys. He loves sunsets, good sushi and driving with LAX LINQ as many shifts as he can.

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    Matt is the one with the business sense. His previous work experience helps our customers receive exactly the experience they need.