The easiest way to get from San Diego to LAX

why even try to get from San Diego to lax? San Diegans get to choose between two main airports when planning their trip, San Diego and LAX. There are many things worth considering that we will present in this article. The main reason to fly out from San Diego is the central location. The airport…

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why even try to get from San Diego to lax?

San Diegans get to choose between two main airports when planning their trip, San Diego and LAX. There are many things worth considering that we will present in this article. The main reason to fly out from San Diego is the central location. The airport is right next to Downtown, which makes it easy to commute from all surrounding neighborhoods. However, other factors may, or may not overshadow this advantage. San Diego Airport is commonly used for domestic flights. For these, the connections and the prices of tickets are just fine. On the other hand, the Los Angeles International Airport is the first choice when it comes to traveling abroad.

The amount of places that you can fly out from Los Angeles Airport reaches 179 (in 41 countries). To properly expose the difference, the number of destinations from San Diego oscillates around 70. The main factor that makes using the LAX even more tempting is the airplane ticket price. Flying out and to LAX, especially for international travel is much cheaper.

Additionally, usually choosing the LA airport comes with a drastically shorter travel time. This is a natural outcome of the number of direct international flights and cutting off the unnecessary overlays. Choosing San Diego airport, even with the elongated trip time, would be justified if it would come with the cheap or similar price of the airplane ticket. Unfortunately, the price difference is significant. Usually, it oscillates from $300 up to $1000. Learn more about the differences between Los Angeles Airport and San Diego Airport here. 

Considering all of the options listed above, it is common for citizens of San Diego are choose Los Angeles International Airport for their international trips. This comes with the necessity of spending a few extra hours on the connection between San Diego and LAX. Additionally, every time it requires additional research for the best and most affordable commute between LAX and San Diego.

The following article will present a solid comparison between a couple of existing options and describe our proposal. 

the pretty EASIEST OPTION to get from San Diego to lax

At present, the easiest method of transportation between LAX and San Diego is one of the ‘shared ride’ options, such as (but not limited to) Lyft, Uber, or traditional Taxi rides. They are comfortable because they pick up a passenger directly from the home address and drive right to the LAX. This is incredibly convenient but comes with a high price. The usual fee oscillates around $200. Moreover, there are days, depending on time or holiday season when prices go higher, reaching anywhere between $250 to $350. 

For many people, this high price will be a good reason to not use it. What is worth mentioning, is the environmental side of the usage of a single car with one or two passengers vs a bus ride that creates less smog and prevents traffic. 

the convenient, yet not pocket-friendly OPTION

The next, quite simple option, is taking a private vehicle, driving straight to LA, and leaving the car on the parking near the airport. If a person decides to use this method, another step would be taking a shuttle or a Taxi/Lyft/Uber ride to the right terminal. There is a wide variety of parking prices, anywhere between $10 – $40 a day. It is always up to the driver to consider the price of gasoline, amount of days that the car will have to stay at the parking, and the price of a ride between the parking and the airport. This option can be really convenient, but if the trip lasts one week or longer it may turn out really costly, reaching up the price of $500.


Name, the “Double Connection” is an internal name that our company uses to describe the most popular type of transportation between San Diego and LAX. These options are less convenient, but definitely way cheaper than privet rides between these two cities. The first step is to take either a bus ($15-30) or a train ($35-$50) from San Diego to Downtown LA. The 2nd step can be done in a few different ways. Either ordering a shared ride from the Union Station to the LAX (around $50) or getting on the city bus (around $10)or a metro to the furthest station and then the shuttle ride from the subway station to the airport. Which makes it even longer and more complex.

All of these options are definitely affordable but extremely time-consuming. In a world where time is money, it seems that spending so much time, just to get to the airport seems like a huge waste.

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Shuttle Lax to San Diego


The new eco, and pocket-friendly shuttle service, the LAX LINQ is a smart transportation option for those who understand how important is good time management while traveling. LINQ ride is a perfect combination of the luxury of a non-stop direct ride and the affordability and ease of public transportation.

LAX LINQ guarantees a stress-free, convenient, and simple way to travel between San Diego and LAX. The service offers spacious vans that can host a maximum of 15 passengers, which is the exact amount of customers that allows our company to take care of their needs and treat every single one of them with respect and the highest priority.

Moreover, choosing the LAX LINQ shuttle is one of many steps that a traveler can take to help prevent the increasing number of traffic on the interstate between LAX and San Diego. Limiting amount of single-passenger cars, as well as combining groups of people into one vehicle is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to plan the trip and take care of our planet.

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